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Bath & Body Finds searches the web community to bring you the best of handcrafted bath and body products.  We all know there are tons of huge corporations out there fighting for your dollar when you go to the make-up counter, mall, salon, or discount store.  But did you know that there are also thousands of small independent companies out there who develop their own products from scratch with ingredients you can actually pronounce? 

Here at Bath and Body Finds, I've made it my mission to find and assemble the best indie bath and body products in the marketplace and put them all in one place so you can shop with ease.  What do I mean by indie?  Indie is short for "independent."  This means that the products listed here are not made by huge corporations.  In fact, most of the store  owners here do everything from their own research and development to actual production to marketing.

I have ten years experience in the bath and body industry and while I'm no longer in the business, I believe I have a pretty good eye for a pretty great deal! In fact, many of the businesses listed here belong to people that I have met during my time in the industry.  While these companies may be small in size, they're huge on quality, selection and customer service. 

On Bath and Body Finds, you'll find a talented group of small business owners who are experts in producing soaps of all kinds, lotions, creams, body butters and whipped shea butters, lip treatments, manicure and pedicure products, sugar and salt scrubs, bubble baths, bath bombs, bath salts, powders, candles, perfumed body sprays, facial treatments, haircare products and even mineral make-up.  Some of these fine stores sell some terrific  accessories to help you experience the perfect bath!

So sit back, grab yourself a cup and coffee and look through our listing of indie bath and body shops.  I'm certain you'll find something that you must have to have a most decadent bath experience!


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